Campaign: #ComcastCaresDay: Volunteering to Make Change

Wes Moore Reflects on His First #ComcastCaresDay


My first Comcast Cares Day took place last year at PS 149 Sojourner Truth, an elementary school in New York City. Every year, Comcast and its partners give thousands the opportunity to get involved in community projects across the country with this fun day of service. That day in New York; as volunteers planted, built and contributed to the school for its students, over 100,000 other volunteers were improving their communities nationwide and globally as part of Comcast Cares Day. I was lucky enough to spend the day alongside Comcast NBCUniversal employees, their family and friends, and truly inspiring representatives from organizations like City Year, Red Nose Day, and Global Citizen. Together, we had a blast in the playground painting a mural on three walls over one hundred feet long! The energy from everyone working together to make a more beautiful space for these students was truly a gift.

Throughout the day, I had the opportunity to meet several people who devote enormous amounts of their time to service. I remember Darkia Anderson glowing as she talked about her year serving with AmeriCorps, mentoring students in New York. The liveliness and spirit behind her words was a testimony to the rewards of service. It is a mindset and a lifestyle that creates a sense of purpose and value that few other things can. And it is something we can all tap into.


Whether we recognize our power or not, the actions we choose impact our communities. Respecting and nurturing the connection we have on one another uplifts everyone involved. When the kids at PS 149 Sojourner Truth Elementary walked into school on Monday and saw that their community worked through the weekend for them, we all became stronger. The feeling I get from service- that we all thrive and improve when we focus on building each other up- is what being a Global Citizen is all about. There’s a misconception that service is a completely selfless act. It is so much more fulfilling than that. It’s a way of life. Service shapes the types of communities we all want and deserve to live in.

Comcast Cares Day strengthened our communities far beyond the projects completed across the country that morning. It gave everyone involved the opportunity to positively reinvigorate our communal bond, and was a true honor to experience. It is easy to be overwhelmed by negative media and believe that disconnecting is safer or easier than engaging with the world. But the reaction you feel from a simple day of service proves our connection is undeniable and we must get involved. I encourage more companies and organizations to create opportunities for people to reconnect with the joy and satisfaction of service. Cultivating a culture of unity and accountability across global communities will create a more fulfilled, productive and focused workplace and world for us all.

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