Campaign: Together We March


The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II has ripped apart families, left children out of school, destroyed homes and revealed some ugly sides of humanity. But many people around the world have continued to support and provide for refugees with open arms, whether they’re individuals or governments. Your words can demonstrate that your humanity is intact.

Your solidarity can also make a difference for the men, women, and children who are affected by the crisis, many of whom believe that the world has forgotten about them.

Use our template to fill in your age and gender, name optional, and note to a refugee man, woman, child, group or family, about how you feel about their predicament and/or what you or your community are doing to support them.

We will compile your notes into a book to provide to refugee agencies such as UNHCR, the IRC and UNICEF to share within refugee camps and displaced communities around the world so your messages can be heard by those who need to hear them the most.

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