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Impact Marathon and Stand For Trees join forces to make the world a better place for people and the planet

Brought to you by Nick Kershaw, CEO, Impact Marathon & Natalie Prolman, Stand For Trees

The Global Goals


In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, aimed at solving the world’s social and environmental challenges.

Goals 1 - 16 include:

(1) Ending extreme poverty in all of its forms everywhere

(2) Ending hunger, achieving food security improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture

(3) Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages

(4) Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all

(5) Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls

(6) Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

(7) Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

(8) Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

(9) Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation

(10) Reducing inequalities within and among countries

(11) Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

(12) Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

(13) Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

(14) Conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

(15) Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managing forests, combatting desertification, and halting and reversing land degradation and halting biodiversity loss

(16) Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels


And the final and 17th goal is focused on partnerships, specifically strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.

Global Goal 17 is what brought Impact Marathon, a marathon series tackling the global goals, and Stand For Trees, an environmental advocacy platform promoting forest conservation, together: the power of partnership!

The Global Goals platform sums it up perfectly: “A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive partnerships built upon principles and values, a shared vision, and shared goals that place people and the planet at the centre, are needed at the global, regional, national and local level.”

The success of the Global Goals is also strengthened when advocacy organizations come together and combine efforts to ensure a more sustainable future.

The team at Impact Marathons had always scratched their heads at how to justify so much air travel for each of their events. They wanted to make a bigger impact than just to say they were carbon neutral, it doesn’t go far enough. Every single goal needs cooperation and support between organisations.

“We know the massive changes that are inspired by each event will have ripple effect around the world - but we need to be conscious that travel comes at a cost. We never wanted to just tick a box and say ‘we are carbon neutral’ - we wanted to actively support organisations that create real, positive change. That’s where Stand For Trees came in - an amazing, conscious and powerful organisation that don’t just stop at covering a footprint. 5% of all the funds raised by the IMS runners will go towards fulfilling Global Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. We are immensely grateful, and insanely excited to be linked to the guys at Stand For Trees.”

  • Nick Kershaw CEO, Impact Marathon Series

About Impact Marathon


The Impact Marathon Series is a group of events centered around tackling the Global Goals through running. They have marathon races in Colombia, Nepal, Guatemala and Malawi. But with runners travelling in from all over the world - the event is actually a gathering of amazing activists wanting more than just to run. In the week preceding the race, participants will live in an pop-up Athlete’s Village and head out each day to volunteer at the actual projects they have fundraised for prior to the event. Linking running, travel and citizenship in one fell swoop.

Each race tackles 3 of the Global Goals, and each community selects the goals that are most important in their lives. The runs are challenging, off-road races taking in the natural beauty of each country and set up around running together, with others, for others - rather than for a personal best. Their goal is very simple, to empower communities and runners alike to help drive the Global Goals from vision to reality.

About Stand For Trees


Stand For Trees is a community of people taking action to protect the world’s threatened forests and combat climate change. We raise awareness of the value of forests through art, information, and technology, and empower individuals to contribute to real and effective solutions.

We partner with high quality forest conservation projects around the world to fight global deforestation. These projects work directly with local communities to ensure sustainable land use results in climate-friendly development from the ground up. Stand For Trees projects quantify and value the carbon storage services that forests provide and use ‘climate finance’ to conserve threatened forests and preserve vital biodiversity.

The benefits of supporting Stand For Trees projects go beyond climate change mitigation. When you protect a forest you are also empowering local and indigenous communities and alleviating poverty in developing countries. All at the same time! All Stand For Trees projects follow a strict Code of Conduct that prioritizes the rights and roles of indigenous and local communities living in and around the project areas. These communities are the first line of defense against the economic incentives driving deforestation in threatened forests.

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