Understanding Blessing

As a minority woman business owner and mother of four, I encourage my children to help and empower and aid others, while emphasizing female ability, around the world. I set an example for them and point out the injustices in life. Explaining how we can't remain silent or allow people to speak out supporting unjust policy/actions. Half of my competent staff is made up of strong capable women in an industry predominantly made up of men. My eldest daughter suffered a Tramatic brain injury and hasn't been able to attend school for the second year now. Instead of feeling sorrow for herself she realizes how still blessed she is and has taken that time to serve as a student embassador to Kickin Back LTD. Going from school to school giving presentations and helping bring awareness and aid to those children and girls in Africa. Much has been atttained but much is still needed. Fundraising, bringing books, drinking water, building schools and soccer pitches while also providing soccer equipment are just some of the things thus far. I coach my middle daughter's premier travel team of 11 year old girls where life, school, power, ability and education are key elements in team life. The team as a whole has been involved with feed the need and also the Kickin Back organization. No child should go to bed hungry and no girl should be made to feel less of a person because she is a beautiful female filled with power to achieve. Education and empowerment are keys to aiding all girls around the world.

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