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This Tiny Garden Is Waging a Big Fight in Philadelphia


To walk into Bartram’s Garden, you’ll probably first notice the lush green hills overlooking the banks of the Schuylkill River. You’ll see the charming farmhouse and wonder, “What stories do these walls have to tell?” What you probably wouldn’t guess, however, is that the garden is on the frontlines of the fight against hunger in Philadelphia.

The garden has its roots in history. It once was the home of John Bartram, who was friends with Benjamin Franklin and, at times, hosted Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. And now it’s changing the way the city of Philadelphia tackles the issue of food deserts.

In 2012, the Community Farm and Food Resource Center was founded to create fresh, organic, and nutritious food for Southwest and West Philadelphia communities that otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. The Farm creates 12,000 pounds of food a year and distributes over 80,000 vegetable transplants to more than 130 farms and gardens, thanks in large part to the 1,500 volunteers who pitch in every year.

Hunger is not an easy issue to solve. At Global Citizen, we campaign on food waste in the EU and famine in Nigeria, but also focus our efforts right here in the US. Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden is one example at home that is making a real difference in the lives of Philadelphians.

And Comcast NBCUniversal is thrilled to be part of this success story. Last year, more than 150 volunteers from Comcast built 10 garden beds, laid new gravel, and transplanted over 1,000 basil plants. Their day of volunteering created a lasting impact for the garden and Philadelphia community.

But the work isn’t done yet! This year, people can make real impact in their neighborhood by volunteering to plant, spread mulch, and build garden beds. Volunteers can also help spruce up the entrance to the garden and clean-up the farm for the growing season.

Through this partnership, Comcast NBCUniversal is adding to the story of Philadelphia by showing up on Comcast Cares Day on April 22, with 100 volunteers in tow. If you live in Philadelphia, you can also be part of this story. Learn more about volunteering at Bartram's Garden here.

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