Campaign: #ComcastCaresDay: Volunteering to Make Change

This Man Learned a Neighbor Needed Vegetables. What He Did Next Is Beautiful.


Harry Behrens, an employee of Comcast NBCUniversal, didn’t have a big plan for changing his community when he helped an elderly neighbor get to the grocery store one day. But this small act of charity eventually changed Behrens’ life, literally.

Here is his story.

While driving his neighbor to the store, Behrens learned that his neighbor couldn’t afford fresh produce, and so Behrens started a small garden on his property to help her, growing vegetables.

Then Behrens told some people at his church about his garden. They volunteered at his farm and soon, they had hundreds of pounds of produce to donate to those in need.

In 2011 he established the Impact Harvest Farm, a community farm in Hammonton, New Jersey, that provides fresh produce to families in need. They started a special garden in 2016 for veterans with PTSD and hope to expand their work with veterans in the future.

Now, Behrens is able to help not only his neighbor who needed a lift to the supermarket, but a whole region of families in need.

Behrens values are akin to any passionate Global Citizen. It’s the action he took to make it happen that we need from all Global Citizens to solve issues like hunger or poverty.

This spring, volunteers have the chance to help with cleanup of campsites and cabin areas at Impact Harvest Farm, and on Comcast Cares Day, April 22, volunteers will work together to make Behrens’ dream a reality.

Sign up to volunteer and Help Us Make Change Happen. Learn more about Impact Harvest Farm here, and click the "Join Us" button to tell other Global Citizens how you give back to your community.

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