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This Group Is on a Mission to Help Stockholm’s Homeless


When people imagine Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, it’s most often picturesque homes, cobblestone streets, and snowy rooftops. What they might not think of is homelessness and rising poverty.

In fact, the latest homelessness study to be done for Sweden revealed a small, but not insignificant, population of Swedes living on the streets. Roughly 34,000 people (or about 0.36% of the population) in the Nordic country were without a home in 2011, with 4,500 of them living in the streets or in a shelter.

For this population, access to social services is a must. And for more than a century that help has come from one organization, Stockholm City Mission. This nonprofit has provided clothing and food to Sweden’s most vulnerable residents since 1853 (when most Swedes still lived in rural stugas).

Even in a democratic socialist country with a healthy safety net, people can still fall through the cracks, which is why Stockholm City Mission is imbued with an even more critical responsibility.

Though it’s located across the Atlantic Ocean, Comcast NBCUniversal will play a small part in this big mission — by packing, sorting, and sewing donations for Swedes in need.

To learn more about Stockholm City Mission go here. And click the "Join Us" button to tell other Global Citizens how you give back to your community.

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