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This Group Has a Clever Solution to Feeding People Around the World


There are 795 million people going hungry in the world today. Yet 1.3 billion tons, or one-third of the world’s food, is wasted each year. While there are many factors contributing to this devastating issue, one key factor is that food expires before it can get to people in need.

That’s why Kids Against Hunger focuses on packaging and delivering “instant” meals that can withstand the rigors of food distributions. Engineered by food scientists, these meals include nutrients a person needs to survive. They even include an array of ethnic cuisine and abide by religious dietary restrictions.

And if it wasn’t for volunteers, these life-saving meals would never reach people who need them thousands of miles away.

Kids Against Hunger have dozens of locally run satellites around the US. At each, groups of volunteers use Kids Against Hunger’s food preparation and packaging methods to prepare and supply meals. Since its founding, more than 1 billion nutritious meals have been delivered to 60 countries.

When nutrients are packed into a meal, so too is a chance at a future for a hungry child. This is something Global Citizen knows to be true, as we campaign for #MoreThanFood ahead of this year’s G7 Summit in Italy in May.

Last year, 260 Comcast NBCUniversal volunteers took part in Kids Against Hunger’s unique system to fill the void hunger leaves on impoverished communities with nutritious meals. Together, their efforts make a huge impact when it comes to feeding the hungry. But so does the act of an individual.

If you want to help Kids Against Hunger, you can learn more here here. And click the "Join Us" button to tell other Global Citizens how you give back to your community.

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