Campaign: Together We March

The End of Couch Potato Politics

I am not anti specific people, but I am against what some of them represent. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London on the 21st of January, joining a worldwide movement in voicing their concerns about the politics of hate and division.

It is painfully clear that the time of couch potato politics is over. We now live in a time when donating a couple of quid to charity at the end of the year just isn't going to cut it anymore. People who oppose diversity, compassion and understanding are mobilising, being backed by the privileged leaders of the corporate world who invest millions into campaigns fueled by hate. If we do not organise and stop bickering amongst ourselves, we will be swallowed up by our melting ice caps, become estranged from our neighbours and have our families torn apart by racist immigration policies.

We are the majority, and we are beautiful. We are all immigrants, and we are fuelled by empathy and compassion. We have a duty to stand up for what we believe in. You and I only have rights because brave men and women before us fought to obtain them, and they did so at a price.

Where would our black brothers and sisters be if Rosa Parks had not taken that seat on the bus? Where would our right to vote be if Emily Davison hadn't thrown herself in front of the King's horse? Where would female students be if Malala hadn't stood up to the extremist that shot her in the head? Where will our rights to love; to choose; to migrate; to gather peacefully; to say what we want, when we want; to doubt; to challenge; our fundamental human rights, where will they be if we decide to turn a blind eye when things get inconvenient?

You and I are part of this. There is no such thing as America; there is no such thing as the United Kingdom. Issues like climate change do not stop at a border; they do not discriminate. They are not a hoax conjured up by mad scientists. They are real, even when it's existence is being denied. Climate change is happening now, just like gender inequality is still happening, racism is still very much alive and one life is worth more than another. It is time to get off of that sofa and become the compassionate human being I know you are. It is time to get informed, to join the movement. We are better than this. We are that drop in the ocean that created a ripple and we are one.

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