Campaign: What do you wish were true for every child everywhere?

Support from our caring pediatrician

Having a one year old who has seemed to catch just about every virus in the last six months, I have been extremely grateful for our health insurance and the constant guidance and support of our caring pediatrician. Before having a child, I never worried about having a "relationship" with any of my physicians. I am amazed at all of the time and effort our doctor has put into making sure my daughter recovers and stays healthy. When she was sick most recently with RSV, it was the support we received during after hours phone calls and text messages from our doctor that helped us make it through a tough trip to the emergency room. It truly amazes me that anyone else could care just as much about my daughter's health as I do. While the support we have received may not be the norm, I wish that every child everywhere would at least have easy access to health care and physicians to have a shot at a healthy life.

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