​Pakistan: “Be A Man”

A documentary by Aurélie Salvaire

Pakistan rates as the second lowest country in the world in terms of gender equity. Patriarchy and his offspring masculinity are so entrenched there that they are hardly ever questioned. I lead workshops all over the world using storytelling tools to help women express themselves and be heard. I feel that women are questioning their preassigned gendered roles every day now, but that there is very little awareness about how men are also trapped in the system.

In patriarchy, male views dominate political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and property. The domination is enforced through violence or the threat of it. It is a structure developed and managed by powerful men, in which women, children, other men, as well as nature, are controlled and systematically discriminated against. In the end, it leads to distress for both women and men caught in unforgiving social expectations. Personal feelings are disregarded at great emotional costs.

After spending time in Pakistan, I decided to bring the conversation there. I asked men and women about the rigid social norms and what they did to men. Their answers are brave and enlightening. They speak of a world that makes us more alike than the differences that define our genders.

“Be A Man” brings the patriarchy conversation to Pakistan. It documents the narrative and stereotypes affecting men there and their willingness to challenge them.

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Aurélie Salvaire is a social entrepreneur, connector and catalyst

Through her organization Shift Balance, she is passionate about bringing change to the world through social innovation. A strong advocate of gender equity, she shines a light on solutions against prevailing stereotypes.

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