Opening the wings of freedom

Greetings to all Global Citizens!

I am more than eloquent to express my thoughts about this injustice that happens to many girls' lives. From my perspective, many countries in this planet combine politics, laws with religion; so in my opinion, we have to separate these two away from each other, because, without trying to accuse religion, Christianity and Islam consist of some very sexist connotations and therefore, people take these beliefs and use them as the laws of their country and they don't understand that it doesn't bring peace and justice in women's lives. For instance, in many African ( i.e. Zimbabwe and Somalia) and Asian ( i.e. Syria Pakistan, Saudi Arabia) countries, women don't have the right to education and to make their own decisions; they are not allowed to go to school and this unacceptable, because this indicates the lack of common sense in many people, as there is no reason to forbidden women from gaining their education.

Furthermore, i also believe that it is completely disgusting the fact that men underestimate women and it makes me wonder why on earth should you underestimate women? Who are we to judge that women are weaker than men? For heaven's sake we are all human beings; Everybody deserves to have a right to education, the freedom to make our own decisions for our life, we all have the right to chase our dreams, we all have the right to be who we want to be, so people must STOP thinking that each one of us has a different amount of strength and capability and that they have the power to control and dominate other people's lives. We have to continue to grow the roots of humanity and expand love to the entire globe.

According to the aforementioned, i can come to a conclusion that as a fifteen year-old adolescent boy, i can see that these differences that our species has- gender, colour and appearance- are just enchanting colours that make the human race more beautiful and instead of admiring them, people just take them and place them into categories and in this way we divide ourselves, which leads to an impertinent behaviour, acting as if men and women are two different species. So what do i suggest, is that we have to educate children more about humanity and make them understand that women are human beings as well; that gender doesn't stop us from being humans and it definitely doesn't stop us from having rights. I believe that as a feminist, we should also build a generation for boys, where they learn how to respect women and see them as equal individuals and in these, stereotypes will start to vanish and maturity will grow inside their hearts, so it's definitely education that will help us succeed even more in the battle of equal rights and in order to acclaim that, money must be provided to build millions of schools in third-world countries and I REALLY HOPE that we can open the politicians' eyes; try to make them see that humanity is important, that every citizen in this world deserves open his/ HER wings and give them the opportunity to be happy with their lives by having the chance to follow their dreams and be what they want to be and in this way, more humane laws will be introduced in all countries. WE MUST LEARN TO THE NEXT FOLLOWING GENERATIONS THAT LOVE AND FREEDOM HAVE NO GENDER.

P.S. I just want to say that when i grow up, i do want participate in all these beautiful and inspiring projects this wonderful organization does. Thank you for giving me the chance to share this with you!

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