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On the Outskirts of Chicago, Food Is Served With a Side of Dignity


If you don’t think food insecurity exists in the US, think again. Just 35 miles outside Chicago, sits Elgin County, Illinois, where one in 10 children go to bed hungry.

Fortunately, one organization is providing meals for children and adults — because hunger doesn’t discriminate — who live along the windy Fox River in Elgin.

At Food For Greater Elgin, through volunteering and donations, 6,000 people are fed each month. Soup kitchens serve breakfast and dinner every day of the week to Elgin’s 14,000 residents who live in poverty.

But the organization offers a bigger lesson. They serve each meal with zero judgment. Its mission is to feed the hungry with nutritious meals, compassion, and a side of dignity. They know that people who are down on their luck deserve our respect just the same, and go out of their way to show that respect when serving those in need.

Hunger is a tricky battle. Globally, one in eight children go to bed hungry and getting nutritious food to the people who need it is not easy. That’s why Global Citizen is campaigning hard to push hunger onto the plates of world leaders at this year’s G7 summit.

In the meantime, volunteers can do every part to take action anywhere hunger stubbornly persists.

For those close to Elgin, volunteers can join Comcast NBCUniversal on April 22 for Comcast Cares Day as they distribute meals, paint the facilities, and plant garden beds. Comcast has been serving up meals alongside Food for the Greater Elgin for years. They are no doubt a part of the gold standard the organization sets in feeding hungry communities.

Sign up to volunteer, and learn more about Food for Greater Elgin here. And click the "Join Us" button to tell other Global Citizens how you give back to your community.

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