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Mothers Shouldn't Have An Impossible Choice


Aisyah, pictured above, is a mother and farmer in Indonesia.'s WaterCredit were made for women like her to make water affordable and accessible.

By Moree Scofield,

As a mother, it's hard to deny how much my children rely on me. They rely on me for almost everything; provisions, safety, health, opportunities. Until they are able to support themselves, their livelihood is dependent on me.

In the meantime, I know what I must give them to ensure they are educated, healthy, and can look forward to bright futures. I confidently give them what they need knowing I have the necessary resources available to me to do so. But, what if I didn't? What if you or I didn't even have access to the most basic of life's necessities. What if we didn't have water or a toilet at home?

My name is Moree Scofield and I am a writer and Community Manager at I've traveled around the world to the homes of mothers who, each day face an impossible choice; certain death without water, or possible sickness or death from giving their families dirty water. Without water at home, kids around the world trust their moms to provide it, or they are responsible for collecting it themselves.


This is why created WaterCredit. Mother's shouldn't have to make an impossible choice, that at either turn results in death. WaterCredit empowers women to change their family’s world, and to define their own future.

Take Aisyah, for example. Aisyah is a wife, a mother, and a farmer in Indonesia. Most critical to all of her roles are time and health. Asiyah explained, “Time to work my rice fields means more money I can make for my family; our life is better.” As a smart business woman growing one of Indonesia’s most desired crops, Aisyah recognized lack of access to water at home as the main obstacle keeping her from having the time and good health needed to farm.

Until recently, a typical day for Aisyah included waking before sunrise to walk a few kilometers, all for the purposes of collecting water. Her options were limited – a river, a community pump or her neighbor’s bore well – none safe, none reliable. After several back-and-forth trips to collect enough for her family’s needs, finally a tired and often frustrated Aisyah made her way to the rice field. Whether it was time spent finding water, or time spent suffering from a waterborne illness – the things that prevented Aisyah’s family from breaking out of the cycle of poverty were underpinned by their need for access to safe water.

It is for people like Aisyah and her loved ones that created WaterCredit. We connect them to affordable financing, empowering them to install household water connections and toilets at home. A smart solution for a smart business woman, Aisyah knew a safe water tap at home meant more time and less risks of illness, enabling her to produce a larger harvest. With these benefits in view, she confidently approached taking a loan to construct her very own water tap.

Now the obstacle between Aisyah and safe drinking water and time to work and has been removed. And now, as I have seen for so many other mothers has empowered, Aisyah continues to change her world.

This Mother’s Day, you can help empower moms like Aisyah to change their world. Donate to and empower a mom today.

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