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Meet the Next Generation of Global Leaders


What makes a global citizen? How can we transform global citizens into global leaders? At Global Citizens Initiative, these are the questions we grapple with every day. In the coming months, we will introduce you to six GCI ambassadors: up-and-coming global leaders from all corners of the world tackling global issues at the local level.

At GCI, we cultivate young global leaders from all walks of life and welcome them into an ecosystem that supports them in their endeavors to make positive social change.

The Global Citizens Youth Summit is our flagship event and the cornerstone of our approach. At the Summit, GCI equips young leaders with the skills, mindset, and connections necessary to be effective global leaders.

This year’s cohort convened at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MA, and comprised 28 scholars, ages 16-19, from countries as varied as the United Kingdom, Jordan, Syria, Mongolia, Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Uganda, and China. During the Summit’s nine intensive days, scholars examined concepts of engagement, ethics, excellence and leadership, through student-centric HarknessTM discussions led by seasoned Phillips Exeter Academy faculty and inspirational dialogues with thought leaders in the fields of business, education, psychology and leadership.

But leaders aren’t built on skills alone. GCI recognizes that experience and connections are just as important to achieve success.

During the Summit, scholars employed the Design Thinking approach to launch “Glocal” Service Projects. Each scholar’s GSP tackles a global problem – within the topics of environmental sustainability, equity, or education – by developing solutions to challenges in within their local communities. Our Summit alumni (“ambassadors”) will spend the next nine months executing their projects under the guidance of mentors from the business community. GSPs provide young global leaders with the connections, guidance, and hands-on experience necessary to leverage their assets as global leaders.

The final branch of our approach is perhaps the most crucial – an emphasis on human connectivity. At GCI we welcome our ambassadors as life-long members of GCI’s robust and diverse community of global citizens and leaders, so that they may continue learning from their peers and supporting each other’s endeavors. A forthcoming online platform will allow ambassadors, mentors, faculty members, global thought leaders, and the rest of the GCI community to interact and collaborate far after the Summit is over.

Our community is full of people just like you. We envision a world where individuals embrace their unique colorful stories and cultures in order to design and implement solutions to global issues that transcend social, economic, and political boundaries. We prize and celebrate innovative thinking, scholarship, religious plurality, cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability. We operate under the universal acceptance of shared fundamental values and a common denominator: that we are all human.

We are excited for our ambassadors to share their stories with you. We know you will find them as heartwarming and inspiring as we do.

GCI is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise transforming young global citizens into young global leaders. For more information on GCI and the Global Citizens Youth Summit please visit

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