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Meet Hajah, a Teen Mother in 5th Grade Who Has Never Missed a Day of School

This article was contributed in support of More Than Me, video by Yagazie Emezi.

At More Than Me, our experience has taught us that education is not enough. Students like Hajah and others should have access to informed healthcare, both preventatively and when new health disasters hit; deworming, immunisations, nutrition and reproductive health should be offered as a means of keeping children in school and thriving.

More Than Me has been in Liberia since 2009 and is currently working with the Ministry of Education to rebuild their entire education system. What began as a project to get girls into school is now an incredible movement transforming education in the country. Our work has led to the creation of a Girls Academy, a More Than Me Public School Network, and on the national scale, the Partnership Schools for Liberia. Today More Than Me is operating a charter school network for 7 schools and will scale to 500 schools in 5 years, reaching over 250,000 children. More Than Me's model will operate public schools with special attention to safety, health, education and monitoring, in an approach designed to create local capacity so that when we reach 100 schools, we will be able to deliver at-grade-level or better academic achievement for $55/child.

To learn more about More Than Me, and help provide healthcare to 1500 students at More Than Me's 6 Schools visit



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