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Legend Surf Classic Honors Hurricane Maria Volunteers in Puerto Rico


Cooks from several churches, young entrepreneurs who helped rebuild houses, and emergency responders were some of the many heroes from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico honored by the Legend Surf Classic, in the western town of Rincon, Puerto Rico. The surfing contest will hold its 5th edition March 2-4, and started celebrating the heroes who have made it possible for the event to return to this town, internationally known for its beaches and waves.

“The event is dedicated to volunteers who have worked cleaning roads and rebuilding houses and business to bring this coastal town back to business. Many of these volunteers are expats, surfers and tourists that have fallen in love with the town, its beaches and its relaxed vibe and people. It is also dedicated to the first Puerto Rican surfers who put Rincon in the surfing map in 1968 – date of the first international surfing contest held in town”, said founder James Monty Smith.

The Legend Surf Classic promotes surfing as a recreational activity that both generates millions of dollars for the local economy and raises awareness about the environmental relevance of Puerto Rico’s beaches.

Some of the volunteers honored:

Betsy Bonet: Member of the Presbyterian Church that has been delivering food and water to remote communities.

Melanie Smith: Founder of Mamma Mel’s Learning Center. Melanie created a fund to cover costs for her students while their parents were not able to pay for tuition. She also established a distribution center for baby food, formula and articles.

•Cooks and members of Family Church: Established a community kitchen for neighbors.

RBC Hurricane Maria Relief - Owners of Rincon Brewery Company, who have been working on rebuilding houses.

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