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UNICEF believes that all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential. Malnutrition, however, can deny children that basic human right.

Every year, around 3 million children die of undernutrition. Some 16 million live with the crippling effects of its most extreme form severe acute malnutrition (SAM). For millions more, chronic malnutrition leads to stunting, an irreversible condition that can impede physical and cognitive development.

There is good news:

UNICEF has the solution. It’s called Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF).

And UNICEF Kid Power has kids like 11-year-old Atesha who are working to get it to them using exercise to unlock funding for UNICEF to deliver RUTFs to kids in need.

Raised by a loving family to look out for others, Atesha now has a new channel for the things she cares about. “What I wish were true for every family, everywhere would be that they could give their children what they need to be healthy. If I could help one child I would do everything in my power because I have been very lucky to grow up with everything I need.

I live with my grandma Kai. Me and my grandma do everything together. We are really close. I feel lucky to have her.

Grandma Kai takes me to school every day and helps me with everything in my life.

Lots of the things me and my grandma do together helps save kids’ lives! My teacher last year showed me Kid Power. I wish more kids everywhere could join the Team because it lets kids do something important for other kids around the world who don’t have as much as we have.

I knew that some children in other countries went hungry, but last year, when I learned that some kids don’t have the food or clean drinking water they need to survive, it made me sad. We have what we need, why shouldn’t they?

My UNICEF Kid Power activity band, counts my steps then turns them into food packets for severely malnourished children. So now me and my grandma walk a lot together. We walk a little, then we run and then we skip.

We also like dancing. When we listen to the radio, my grandma always asks me if there’s a dance to go along with the song that’s playing. When I know one, I show her how to do it and we dance together! I wish everybody had a grandma to dance with too. I earn a lot of food packets that way.

I love knowing how I can help others. I like that because I am interested in exploring the world and doing everything in my power to help.”

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