Campaign: What do you wish were true for every child everywhere?

Jennifer Lopez: Love is the Most Important of All


Jennifer Lopez becomes the United Nation's first ever Global Advocate for Girls and Women. Photo Credit: Stuart Ramson for the United Nations Foundation.

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If I had a wish for every child, it would be that they have access to healthcare, education and most of all love. I want every child to be healthy, educated, safe and empowered. We have the ability to achieve these goals if we all come together to fight this fight. Together we are very powerful.

I am lucky that my family’s empowered values have allowed me to be a strong person. But becoming a mom is also the moment you realize that you are not as strong as you think. Suddenly, your heart lives outside of your body and your happiness becomes intertwined with the happiness of your children.

The love we have for our kids is something that unites all moms as a catalyst for change around the world. We all want our children to be able to go to school, grow up in a safe place and to be free from violence. We want them to be able to choose when and whom they marry.

We have to make sure that our boys are growing up to be men who respect and value women, and it is imperative our girls have the same access and opportunities as their male counterparts. There isn’t a single country in the world today that has achieved true gender equality. It’s about time we fixed that.

I am committed to continue to do my part, to stand up with all mothers and to build a better world for our children.

Click here to watch Jennifer Lopez speak on behalf of Every Woman Every Child

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