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I dream of a day when women don't need to justify their experiences

Being a woman and facing inequality and gender biases daily can be exhausting. Not to mention that when you actually share your experiences of being woman, what you feel you have experienced in your life because you identify to a gender that society doesn't prioritize, you are met with men (and other women!) who want to deny your lived experiences, saying that it isn't true, everyone is equal, and we should stop whining. I see this response all the time when I get the courage to share when I feel I am being mistreated because of my gender, and it makes me feel small and worthless.

I dream of a day when women don't need to defend their experiences, their "women-ness." Especially for our trans sisters-- their own existence seems to need to be justified to society. I hope that one day ALL women will not need to explain themselves. That we will be seen and treated as equals to men in our society. That means equal pay, prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence against women, women being in charge of their own bodies and health, women having equal access to healthcare, education, and employment, and the visibility of women's issues as our society progresses.

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