Campaign: Together We March

Here's Why the Women's March Fueled My Fire to Fight for Girls and Women


Over the weekend of Jan. 20, I had the chance to attend the Women’s March on Washington. It was my first memorable protest. I spent eight hours pressed snugly into a sea of pink, among a crowd of people so large I felt gratitude toward the world’s crowd scientists.

Women, men, and children who traveled from Texas, California, North Carolina, were clearly annoyed at the lack of audio, and only one projected screen provided to view the talented lineup of speakers the Women’s March provided.

“Is that the stage?” asked one woman.

“No that’s the screen,” answered another.

“Who’s that?” a confused audience wondered.

“I’ll just listen to the live stream on Youtube later,” said another.

Yet no one left.

There was an overarching comradery, and a great sense of pride among the eager crowd to simply be present. When the Associated Press announced the actual march route was blocked by three times the expected number of activists, instead of panicking, thousands of people found another way.

It was peaceful. It was powerful. And it’s not over.


The march inspired me to take action, to remember why I fight for the rights of girls and women everywhere. Because there is still no country, no region in the world where women are fully equal, and I believe this can change.

My hope for girls and women is that in ten years there is no legality or loophole in the law left around child marriage.

That every girl has access to education, and the confidence to finish.

And that in my lifetime even just one country can claim equality in government, education, pay, and overall human rights when it comes to all genders.

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