In India, from the very beginning people think that girls should do all the household work and should not go out to work like men because they think girls are not strong enough. The only way to change this mentality is to educate girl and teach them how to fight for their self. My mom works, she is a lawyer and my dad is a judge. my Imbran always says that in future only comes concentret on your studies and never be depende on anyone not even your husband. People say time is changing and girls are being independent but this is happing only in the Modern cities Not in villages. My school teaches us to do social work, we have a class called SUPW every weak we plan events which would help in making our community better. This year we adopted a village and this Saturday we went there is was a small village. 64 students were divided into 8 groups and mine was resource mapping and I was the coordinator of the group me and my team we had we map the village that why we started analysing the village we asked the "surpunch" some questions like "what resource are abandoned here?"

"What steps are being taken toward education?"
We were surprise to know that the village had 50 kids and all of them wanted to study and their parents encouraged them.
This was my part then other 7 team were transcend walk, seasonal calendar, each one teach one,etc.
There was also a group who made sandwiches and chocolate for the village children.

Me and my friend Mradushi we r in charge of every monthly event our class does and we do events like these every month

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