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For "Lucky" Ending Female Genital Mutilation Is Both a Moral And Personal Issue

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In the fourth episode of Women Deliver’s groundbreaking podcast series, Women Deliver Young Leader Nwachukwu Kelechukwu, or Lucky as he likes to known, shares his work as an advocate and activism against female genital mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria. Lucky shares how FGM is both a personal and moral issue for him, and how he is mobilizing young people to help end it.

Kelechukwu is passionate about engaging young people in making their communities better places for women and girls. At the age of 19, Kelechukwu was elected the chairperson of the Abuja chapter of the International Youth Council. He is serves a Strategic Advisor to Girl Generation, a five year communications and advocacy program funded by UK DFID with the goals of ending FGM/C in 10 African countries. Kelechukwu is also the Co-Founder of the Youth Network Against FGM/C based in Nigeria. He has also been named an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, UK. Kelechukwu founded the Gender Encouragement and Empowerment Project (GEEP), which seeks to mobilize adolescents to fight for women’s rights and advocate for more women to hold governmental positions and be elected to office. He was nominated for the Nigeria Youth Merit Award in 2013. Kelechukwu is passionate about fighting for gender equality, particularly ending Female Genital Mutilation within one generation and he has taken part in several consultations and conferences on gender, including the Youth For Change event and the Girl Summit in London in 2014.

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