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Changing What We Can When Hard Things Happen

Every time you ‘like’ and share this post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per social action), up to $500,000, via theGlobal Moms Relay to help improve the health and well-being of families worldwide in support of Shot@Life, UNFPA, Girl Up, UNICEF USA and Nothing But Nets.

By Jane Adams

I wish for families everywhere that children and family members have a safe and protected environment and a healthy place to live. The more that our children feel safe and protected and empowered to be who they are, and care about their own health and their own well-being, then they'll be the best contributors to society. They’ll help support a healthy planet, thriving society and compassion and kindness for others.

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was 12 years old and back in those days, there weren’t the tools and the advanced technologies to manage the condition that we have now. Back when I was diagnosed, I was not so private about it as much as I didn't want people to think it was a big deal. I think at that age no one wants to feel different.

I grew up with type one diabetes and decided instead of being kind of private about it, I wanted to embrace the fact that I cannot only live with this condition but I'm going to thrive despite it. That directed me to a career in health policy and advocacy.

I work for Johnson and Johnson in federal government affairs in Washington, D.C. leading the advocacy programs in the United States. We're a global company that puts patients first and that's a big reason why, maybe the greatest reason why I work for Johnson and Johnson. I'm a patient first before I'm anything else.

There are many patients around the world who do everything right, and even when everything is taken care of and they do everything right, really unfortunate medical situations happen. There’s no logic, there's no justice in that, but we must be able to embrace the situation that we inherit and again become good stewards of what we can take care of and what we can influence and what we can change and that's ourselves, that's our family, our friends, our community and our planet.


You share, they give: Each time you ‘like’ or share this post via the social media icons on this post, or comment below, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per social action), up to $500,000 divided equally between Shot@Life, UNFPA, Girl Up, UNICEF USA and Nothing But Nets. The Global Moms Relay was created by the United Nations Foundation and Johnson & Johnson with support from BabyCenter, Fatherly, Global Citizen and Charity Miles to help improve the lives of families around the globe. Share this post with the hashtags #GlobalMoms and #JNJ, and visit to learn more.

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