behind every successful man is a woman.

Feminism, what does it really mean?
A lot of People around the world now speak up about their concern for women and their rights and equality. which is right and i totally support it. I Am a Feminist.
But i don't cross the line where it grows to aggression and finally to Man-Hating. Under the impression for standing up for themselves a certain category of Supporters end up stereotyping men in all outcomes and blaming them for all of it. Sure, men are dominant in the Society, but that's what we've made it look like.

We today live in a society where we're becoming busy trying to prove that Women can do what Men can, that women are losing their uniqueness.

Women weren't created to do everything a man can do...Women were created to do Everything that a Man Cannot do. So it is indeed time for us to stand up for the winners of mankind. women are like the crew of a musical concert working backstage, where Society grooves to the music of the band, appreciating their work, totally disregarding the crew who's responsible for the lights, music and the fireworks. In the same analogy society has been appreciating Men for all the victories in wars, the scientific discoveries, the growth in science in technology, and so many more fields, totally neglecting the women behind these men. after all behind every successful man is a woman.

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