A girl matters

In the country that I live, our capital is called the rape capital. I live in incredible India. In Hindus, we have over 26 million God's, major of these are goddess, every good work in our country starts with name of the female god Durga. But even after such devotional commitment our country lacks when it comes to actually respect and promoting women.

We can blame our government, but what we fail to realize that its not the government but mentality at fault, the human civilization stands on the build of equal love and equal status but then, does this not apply to us, dont we have our rights, why is our voice not heard? This can't be changed by signing a peice of paper but a change of heart.

I urge every man, woman and child reading this, a girl, a woman have plenty of potential locked in her, give her the key, let her bloom. Please dont lock us away.

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