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A-Free-Ca poem

While watching a powerful documentary at the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, I realized my home country and South Africa are very similar. While black South Africans fought Apartheid in their country, halfway across the world, African Americans were fighting the same fight - a fight for equality; a fight for civil rights. The rebellion against Apartheid greatly resembles the Civil Rights Movement. Together our ancestors possessed the same disdain for inequality in a place they called home. It was a cathartic experience to acknowledge colonization of our black bodies has made us kin.


The land of free people.


The land of the free.

The land of the people who are yet not free.


The land of free spirited people.

The land walked by those whose spirit is unchained.


What's so merry about this land?

It is yours it is mine it is ours, yet the control is not in our hands.

Democracy. Hypocrisy.

Oh such irony in the land of the free.

Long after the shackles were taken off

You and I still remain bound.

Free to roam within the boundaries placed on our skin.



Colonialism has made us kin.

A-free-can A-meri-can

I don't know what it's like to be an African.

I don't know what it's like to be an American.

I know what it's like to be black

In a world that is white.

Deprived of my historical lineage and my rights.

A-free-ca they call it the motherland.

Our mother pillaged and raped for the riches in her soil.

Yet still so powerful within, illuminated by the melanin in her skin.



Colonialism has made us kin.

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